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PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD OR POST ANYTHING THAT COULD GET ME IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW. I'm serious, this is being hosted on a server in my own home.
18+ content is allowed but must be placed behind the appropriate sensitivity filters and/or content warnings.
And of course, no bigotry, threats, or calls to violence. Let's all respect each other and get along, alright?


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I cannot guarantee total 99.9% uptime, nor can I guarantee this server will be up for a long time. While I have uncapped gigabit internet at my home, sometimes internet speeds can be spotty, and I'm still not sure if my ISP will approve of me hosting a website like this. Plus, power outages do happen more often than I'd like here. I'll do my best to give at least two weeks' notice should I shut down this server indefinitely, external forces notwithstanding.