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Feeling real good about being able to afford some commissions this year. I have a few more in the pipeline from various artists that I'm really looking forward to!

Transformation art (SFW, not my art) 

Me doing profile/header combos like this is so unnecessary because they only work on that one page but dammit it's still a cool effect

Transformation art but it's also my new profile pic/banner 

Oh! monsterpit has a relay too, could have some relevant stuff there too!

It seemed to un-federate me from the relays I set up so I gotta get those working again. I might start out just relaying with since I intended this to be a furry instance lol

masto admin stuff 

Transformation art (SFW) 

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Mayyybe a bit sugesstive, it's SFW overall but also a lil horny not gonna lie 

🔞 NSFW furry character design (nude female dolphin/cetacean) 

Not really transformation art but it features a character in mid-TF sooo 

Transformation art (fluffy dragon/dinosaur thing) 

Dee the Delivery Gecko Girl was the last thing I uploaded here so here's some more draws I did of her. Various action scenes and she also has a special delivery for you!

Getting my custom theme working again is always the worst part of upgrading... but I'm back! Again!

gonna try to upgrade to the newest release though

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