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Mayyybe a bit sugesstive, it's SFW overall but also a lil horny not gonna lie 

🔞 NSFW furry character design (nude female dolphin/cetacean) 

Not really transformation art but it features a character in mid-TF sooo 

Transformation art (fluffy dragon/dinosaur thing) 

Dee the Delivery Gecko Girl was the last thing I uploaded here so here's some more draws I did of her. Various action scenes and she also has a special delivery for you!

Getting my custom theme working again is always the worst part of upgrading... but I'm back! Again!

gonna try to upgrade to the newest release though

Huh. For some reason my mastodon instance was down for a while but now it's suddenly back. 🤔

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Warming up today with a character design.

Meet DG, Delivery Gec/Girl. "Dee" for short. She delivers packages and also she's actually a superhero and this is her getup. She secretly gets really annoyed when people ask her, "do you deliver justice?"

Commissions open! Furry transformation art attached 

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transformation, trans pride goodra !!! 

transformation art (dragon/dinosaur? sfw) 

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