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(NOT MY ART) Transformation art - SFW, dragon 

SVG version of Tailburst the Mascot that I "made" (i.e. used inkscape's "trace bitmap" feature) when I was still working on building up this instance.

A warmup doodle, haven't drawn Grandpa Blaze in a long time.

NSFW-ish horror-themed transformation art (weresquirrel) 

horny i guess? getting touchy-feely with dragons 

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GAY! BIRD! SEX! featuring falco from the star fox series 

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I have an art stream set up and everything but now that I think about it I’m not really feeling up to it. I could go for a nap

Suggestive, toon nudity, anthro dragon 

Just upgraded my mastodon instance woo

That's a stressful way to start off your day

gryf complimented the portrait i did for arctic and i am dead

Furry transformation art - SFW, dragon, very body-horror-like 

🔞🔞🔞 Furry transformation arts - NSFW, dinosaur and dragon 🔞🔞🔞 

Catching up on some furry tf art I posted over the past week: a short thread

I sometimes wish I would draw more than just transformation, but it's so fun and interesting to work with. From both a kink perspective and an artistic one.

#TFTuesday furry transformation art - SFW, Pokemon (Feraligatr) 

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