SFW Transformation(?) comic, mental health (it features a character mid-TF but no actual progression so idk) (also dealing with anxiety) 

SFW furry transformation art (male, dragon) 

Transformation art (mostly sfw, female were-bird, fluffcrotch) 

SFW Transformation art resource (Pokemon, Swampert) 

Furry transformation art - SFW, bird (legend of zelda/link fanart) 

Transformation art (SFW, big fat dragon) 

🔞 NSFW Transformation art (dragon) 

#TFTuesday furry transformation art - SFW, Pokemon (Feraligatr) 

#TFTuesday Transformation art - SFW, mostly post-transformation, Pokemon (Nidorino/Nidoking) 


For lovers of tails, big and round.