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SFW Transformation art resource (Pokemon, Swampert) 

I gotta release this pic before I forget about it and it's no longer relavant lol

The "uncensored" version of this part of the "Durgoverse" series of drawings I did about a month and a half ago.

🔞 NSFW bird furry art - m/m 

Furry transformation art - SFW, bird (legend of zelda/link fanart) 

This was only the third pic I drew for my dailygolduck blog on tumblr but it's still one of my top favorite pics i've ever drawn for it

Transformation art - SFW, Pokemon/Mega Lucario 

Furry transformation kink shitpost 

Transformation art (SFW, big fat dragon) 

🔞 NSFW Transformation art (dragon) 

Pretty dang happy with my art output for January. Almost one full drawing or painting per day!

made some Golduck expressions late last night and did a lineless version of my favorite one

NSFW-ish anthro art feat. bird butt 

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For lovers of tails, big and round.