Slightly suggestive anthro art (shark), post-transformation 

Transformation art (SFW), a bit of a meme-y shitpost 

It was decidueye day yesterday so I speedpainted my decidueye sona

Transformation art (mostly sfw, me to feraligatr in underwear) 

Transformation art (mostly sfw, me to feraligatr in underwear) 

transformation art (sfw) 

SFW Transformation(?) comic, mental health (it features a character mid-TF but no actual progression so idk) (also dealing with anxiety) 

drawing the new Red design from pokemon masters as a post-tf mega charizard x because im traaash

Transformation art (SFW) - male to werecat 

don't 👏 buy 👏 kaiju- 👏 sized 👏 shirts 👏 from 👏 companies 👏 that 👏 aren't 👏 staffed 👏 by 👏kaiju 👏

Transformation art (suggestive, scientists, needles, tight-fitting suits with bulges, big dragon guy) 

Updated my platypus sona ref sheet with some better colors and a buncha notes and stuff!

Alright... here's something extra cursed for yall this

An American Werewolf in London but it's the main character's fursona

🔞 NSFW Transformation art (nude woman to cat pogey) 

Transformation art (SFW, not my art) 

Transformation art but it's also my new profile pic/banner 

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