Transformation art (SFW) - male to werecat 

don't 👏 buy 👏 kaiju- 👏 sized 👏 shirts 👏 from 👏 companies 👏 that 👏 aren't 👏 staffed 👏 by 👏kaiju 👏

Transformation art (suggestive, scientists, needles, tight-fitting suits with bulges, big dragon guy) 

Updated my platypus sona ref sheet with some better colors and a buncha notes and stuff!

Alright... here's something extra cursed for yall this

An American Werewolf in London but it's the main character's fursona

🔞 NSFW Transformation art (nude woman to cat pogey) 

Transformation art (SFW, not my art) 

Transformation art but it's also my new profile pic/banner 

Transformation art (SFW) 

Mayyybe a bit sugesstive, it's SFW overall but also a lil horny not gonna lie 

🔞 NSFW furry character design (nude female dolphin/cetacean) 

Not really transformation art but it features a character in mid-TF sooo 

Transformation art (fluffy dragon/dinosaur thing) 

Dee the Delivery Gecko Girl was the last thing I uploaded here so here's some more draws I did of her. Various action scenes and she also has a special delivery for you!

Warming up today with a character design.

Meet DG, Delivery Gec/Girl. "Dee" for short. She delivers packages and also she's actually a superhero and this is her getup. She secretly gets really annoyed when people ask her, "do you deliver justice?"

Commissions open! Furry transformation art attached 

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