Seeing a lot of Yoshi love lately, but what about our old forgotten friend Plessie?

plessiesona time, bois

🔞 NSFW furry transformation art - woman-to-cat, nudity, body horror elements Show more

this xl scrafty will keep you safe and warm

just playing with body types uwu

The new homepage for mastodon 2.8.0 doesn't show the full hero image I made anymore but at least it shows the goods

I have freckles IRL and it's the ONE detail I keep forgetting to put on drawings of me, and maybe something I'd like to incorporate into my sonas

maybe weird-ish furry art (sfw) Show more

SFW furry transformation art (male, dragon) Show more

this week alone i've found SEVEN gray hairs so maybe my predictions of me going completely white before age 30 will be true

A super-belated birthday pic for!
It's the highest high-five ever performed by two dragons!

Transformation art (mostly sfw, female were-bird, fluffcrotch) Show more

🔞 NSFW anthro art - orca whale (male-presenting) Show more

🔞 NSFW anthro art - Nude, half-dragon anatomy (male-presenting) Show more

Anthro art - Nude but mostly SFW; half-dragon Show more

I missed Zangoose Day and now it's Mario Day so here's a Cappy on a Zangoose

Got an old Kodak Easyshare printer working, I can now make 6x4" prints!

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For lovers of tails, big and round.