Pokemon Owlbears!
Deciduwear (Decidueye + Bewear) and Noctring (Noctowl + Ursaring)

@Coast deciduwear is ideal datefriend material tbqh

@pupy I know right?? I had so much fun drawing this

@Coast theyre so CUTE and pretty i love them

@Coast also now lowkey want a deciduwear sona lmao


@pupy You're more than welcome to!

But I might have one as well 😜

@Coast okay but tell me how this is a bad thing when itd potentially mean a picture of them doing a warm cuddle,

think of how fucking adorable that would be, though,

@pupy The world couldn't handle the softness, the fabric of space and time would collapse

@Coast update 8 hours later still have not stopped thinking about deciduwear aa

youve created such an ideal friend,,,,

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