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Hi hello welcome to tailburst, may your tails be big and round and soft

furry art, avian taur 

Sorry I'm still trying to dust off and de-rust my mastodon server so like most of these posts are gonna be test posts

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commission for unclear of his feraligatr sona! a large lad

I'm doing traditional sketch commissions to get income while my tablet is being replaced! check out the form here

So uh... any good furry-centered relays I can try to federate with? I haven't been here on Mastodon in a long time and it seems all the relays I was federated with (namely and monsterpit relay) seem to be gone. Currently trying but it's rejecting me for whatever reason

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nsfw furry porn!! eggu 

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On top of dumb furry drawings, I'm def gonna be sharing some gamedev/gfx dev stuff.

Mastodon is really awesome for that stuff since it actually has lossless image hosting!!

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some indulgent NSFW TF/TG/twinning thing to kick things off on here! 

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Slightly suggestive anthro art (shark), post-transformation 

Transformation art (SFW), a bit of a meme-y shitpost 

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dinosaur tf, Big Ol Tail, my art 

It was decidueye day yesterday so I speedpainted my decidueye sona

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non-graphic nudity, dolphin tf, my art 

My god I'm surprised I still have this instance up and running from my bedroom

Transformation art (mostly sfw, me to feraligatr in underwear) 

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