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Hi hello welcome to tailburst, may your tails be big and round and soft

Seeing a lot of Yoshi love lately, but what about our old forgotten friend Plessie?

plessiesona time, bois

🔞 NSFW furry transformation art - woman-to-cat, nudity, body horror elements Show more

this xl scrafty will keep you safe and warm

just playing with body types uwu

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The new homepage for mastodon 2.8.0 doesn't show the full hero image I made anymore but at least it shows the goods

I think I might actually upgrade my instance to mastodon v2.8.0rc because featured hashtags on your profile seems like an interesting feature

political shitpost (u.s./alaska) Show more

horny shitpost Show more

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Horny, tf Show more

I have freckles IRL and it's the ONE detail I keep forgetting to put on drawings of me, and maybe something I'd like to incorporate into my sonas

maybe weird-ish furry art (sfw) Show more

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yeesh i haven't checked out my federated timeline in a while and boy does that need some filtering

SFW furry transformation art (male, dragon) Show more

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For lovers of tails, big and round.